Giancarlo De Rosa

Italian tradition since 1987

"My roots are all here: in the wheat grown on the historic family land, in the science of sourdough and in the search for the finest ingredients. This is to offer you sincere products, in the sign of a new tradition. Since 1987."


A sensorial experience encapsulated in Giancarlo De Rosa’s Pandoro. The sweetness of vanilla, the softness of butter, combined with flours from wheat grown on De Rosa family’s land, are enhanced by 36-hours leavening process made with pure mother yeast. A perfect alchemy of flavours in the sign of a new tradition.

Mignon but only in appearance: Giancarlo De Rosa creates the Pandoro prêt-à-porter. Perfect for small sins of gluttony.

Pandoro mini pack
Mini Pack


Leavened for thirty-six hours, the Colomba is made according to artisan methods, carefully selecting the ingredients, proudly Italian. Starting from the flours that we grow in our uncontaminated lands, a few kilometers from the nautical oasis "Giardino di Ninfa". From the experience of Giancarlo De Rosa, one of the most important Master Lievitisti, comes this leavened, pure alchemy of flavors.
Available in the following flavors: Classic, Wild berries and white chocolate, Chocolate and Gianduia.


The long and slow leavening, the ingredients of 100% Italian origin, and the knowledge of Master Giancarlo De Rosa, create the Panettone. With raisins and candied citrus fruits, as per tradition, or declined in a contemporary version. An experience to live and share.

All the goodness of the leavened product par excellence in a miniature version: Giancarlo De Rosa creates the Panettone prêt-à-porter. Small in shape, great in taste.

Panettone mini pack
Mini Pack

The “GianPan”

What if you could eat a memory? Giancarlo de Rosa has created “GianPan”: an irresistible lightness freshly baked with only sourdough, flours sourced from grains grown in Italy and selected ingredients, in the typical bauletto shape. Sweet and savory combinations that bring back memories all the flavour of the past.


Crispy, tasty, fragrant: the biscuits signed by Giancarlo De Rosa are made with flours from grains grown on family land and fine ingredients that enrich the voluptuous dough. Small jewels to give as gifts or treat yourself to, for moments of pure taste.


Reinterpreted in a modern key, babà in “vasocottura” by Giancarlo De Rosa are cooked in glass jars that maintain their organoleptic characteristics unaltered. The elastic and spongy dough is declined in different syrups: from the most classic to most unusual ones. A triumph of taste that cannot be renounced.

The “Spreadable”

They are handmade with only selected raw materials, the spreadable creams signed by Giancarlo De Rosa. To be enjoyed by the spoonful, on bread and leavened products, on fresh fruit, on ice cream or as an ingredient for kitchen and pastry creations.

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